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Pitch Fibre Drains

For over 20 years, pitch fibre has not been allowed to be installed but they are still very common in older properties. The lifetime of pitch fibre pipes is estimated to be around 40 years due to the delamination of the pipes. The delamination process can take a long time but increases aggressiveness when high temperatures or chemicals are used. When the pipe becomes delaminated it can cause blockages and cost a lot of money to repair. In only 3-4 months after the pipe has become delaminated a deformity in the pipe could change from a 20% difference to an 80% difference. If your property has pitch fibre drains in good condition it would be financially beneficial to have them relined to slow down the delamination process. Another deformation that could occur in a pitch fibre pipe is ovalling. This is caused by the overhead ground pushing down on the pipe causing it to slightly flatten creating a oval.


Problems that can occur when pitch fibre pipes are used for foul drainage:

Some companies use powerful jets of water on the pitch fibre pipes which cause additional damage due to the harshness of the impact. Only 2 uses of these jets could delaminate your pipes whatever the condition was before. You should watch out for companies who offer a ‘contract insurance plan’

Re-forming a pitch fibre pipe 

When a pipe is deformed in any way, our specially developed, ‘re-rounder’ is able to reform ovalled pipes and remove blistering. With multiple uses, the re-rounder is   able to force the pipe back into its original shape before clean water is used to flush out any deposits left behind. Finally our professional engineers install a cured-in-place pipe (CCIP) and impregnated it with either polyester, silicate or epoxy resin. The use of the re-rounder allows the pipe to be fixed without costly excavation or the removal of manholes.

For £20 per meter we will re-open pitch fibre pipes for trades and for £55 per meter we will re-open and reline domestic lines.