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Drain Relining

iDrains are specialists at drain relining with years of experience. We have relined miles of draining for many different uses from lining a basic manhole routes to bending single entry pipes on a building roof.

Drain relining is mostly used for pipes that have been damaged by cracking, opened joints or from general wear. Most commonly sewers and vertical rainwater down pipes have damage which would be easily fixed by relining the pipe. Our prices start from £40 per meter and a specialist lining team will come to assist you without need for notice to carry out emergency repair.

Most drainage companies reline drains using methods such as dragging a liner into the damaged pipe using rope or pushing liners into place with rods. Our method allows us to install large lengths of liner where other companies are unable to. Tight turns in the pipe make it very hard for some companies to install the liner but our blowing method makes it easy to line over 100 meters through multiple 90 degree bends. Larger lengths of pipe are also made possible to line using our methods, this means that there is no need for excavation.

The most common resin used for lining used is polyester resin. The fumes given off are extremely damaging to the users and anybody close to the chemicals so the health of nearby pedestrians must be taken into account. Here at iDrains we care about safety so in busy areas we use silicate resins. This ensures everybody around the site is safe.

We offer a 10 year guarantee with all of our work!

The lining we use is created with a dense water tight felt that is tailored and designed to fit perfectly inside the pipe to be repaired. Due to its special properties the lining is appropriate for many uses such as sewers, vertical water pipes and culverts. The lining is resistant to extreme conditions and most chemicals, making drain relining beneficial to everyone.